Becoming friends

This past Thursday we visited the Glen Haven English class for the final time this summer. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with the women from the Glen Haven community on studying English as well as information for the citizenship test. Each week we’ve gotten a chance to work and get closer with the women, learning more about them and their lives and getting a chance to share about ourselves with them as well. When we first came to the classes we originally were a little unsure about what to do, Andrew helped guide us a lot and helped to show us what techniques worked best for teaching new words and concepts. While our first classes were mainly focused on the citizenship and civics test books, we learned a lot about the women that began to help us improve our relationship with them as well as our drop off that takes place at Glen Haven on Fridays. In getting to talk with the women in those first classes we learned about what vegetables they and other community members had more interest in us bringing on Fridays, as well as some valuable Nepalese words for labeling vegetables, tools and greeting one another.

As we’ve gotten more chances throughout the summer to work with the women and talk with them during the classes we’ve learned more about each other and worked together in ways that allow us to improve the access to food in Glen Haven in new ways. Because there are so many different community members living in Glen Haven communication between them is key especially when access to food is such a necessary thing for everyone to be informed about. By working with the women in the English class we’ve been able to identify not only who among them we need to be providing more food for, but also who else in the community is in need of more food each week. While talking to the women in the community we also were able to create a list of the most common produce we bring on Fridays written in English, Nepalese, and Karen, in the hopes to help more members of the community identify their vegetables. The most important thing however from the classes has definitely been getting to have a better relationship with the women in the community and learn about their lives and families as well as having the opportunity to share about ourselves with them. We’ve gotten to do a lot of really exciting projects with the Glen Haven community this summer but of them, all this class has been one of the most rewarding without a doubt.

Feeling grateful for these budding relationships that have turned us from pauma (gusests) to sati (friends) but don’t trust us on that spelling!

Signing off one of our last times,

Jake and Amelia