Community Explored with Text

We have been continuing engaging with text and community and it has been increasingly exciting to see these two expressed alongside of one another. A quote that really stood out when thinking about working with specifically the Glen Haven community was “We all exist thanks to others, with others, and through others. Together we make up the biosphere as a great integrated and integrating whole” (Boff, 87). One of the fundamental things that Boff talks about in the beginning of the book is how ecology takes into account the non-hierarchal importance of every single piece of a system and living community and the ways in which our communities and theology can learn from that. The importance of all the members of a community and the ways they are a “integrated and integrating whole” is something that’s really clear and has become even more apparent as we work further with Glen Haven. The community is made up of so many different people from so many different places who speak different languages, but all of them play fundamental roles in supporting one another within the community. Glen Haven is one of the communities we have definitely gotten to work the most in during our weekly drop offs of fresh produce, working with the Women’s Learning Group and additional weekend work days. Through these experiences, we’ve gotten to see first hand the way the connection between environment and people strengthens community as well as the way communities integrate to help one another.

“A integrated and integrating whole” has been a definition our individual group of the Mobile Oasis team has taken on as well. We think as we have found what individual gifts and leadings we bring into our space and in turn the greater community we have been able to become a more cohesive collaboration.  

At the heart of Ecology & Liberation is the idea that the interconnected relationship of all things is a uniting and driving force, both in an environmental and a greater understanding. This summer we’ve gotten to work with people from all different backgrounds and faiths and identities, who all are driven and united together by love for the environment and community, and the ways we’ve gotten to see communities grow together and with us has been really heart-warming.

We are starting to get very sad about leaving these communities and our own group but can’t wait to get back at the end of the Summer with renewed energy!

-Jake and Amelia

Photo Credit: Sophia Perlmutter ’18