Looking Back: QLSP Summer Service Fellows

Hello from Pennsylvania!

We finished our time in Greensboro (for now) early last week and we’re already missing it! If you haven’t caught one of our other posts, this summer we had the amazing opportunity to be Friends Center’s first Summer Service Fellows, and work alongside Bonner scholars and other community members on issues of food justice. The work we had a chance to do, and the amazing sites we visited gave us an incredible look at the ongoing work to establish food sovereignty and justice within Greensboro. The issue of food justice is one that as Quakers we see directly pertaining to the values we hold and the work we seek to do in the world.

Food scarcity is an issue that encompasses varying layers of oppression, inequality, and violence against those who are already marginalized within our society and one that needs to be challenged and fought everywhere across this country. 

The goals of establishing food sovereignty and food justice, are also deeply linked to the Quaker values of service and community, about nurturing one another as well as the earth and all life on it. To strive and work with one another for food sovereignty is not only an act of love and care for one another but an act of resistance against systems that perpetuate violence and inequality across America. While many Quakers are environmental advocates, our work needs to be focused within our communities as well as on a global scale. The adage “Living simply so that others may simply live” is not possible if others very sovereignty is restricted by systems of oppression that would keep them starved. 

We as Quakers within Guilford College, and as a college that claims the values of the Quaker faith, must be working intentionally and acting compassionately to support the food justice movement and establish food sovereignty within our communities. This summer has provided us with an amazing chance to see the dedication, the love, and the compassion that those who are actively fighting for food justice demonstrate in their communities every day and we are overwhelmingly grateful. Thank you to the communities who welcomed us, our team, Bonner and of course Friends Center.

We will be back at Guilford in a few short weeks to help with the incoming first year QLSP students pre-orientation and are excited to teach some of what we have learned this summer on the Saturday work day at the Farm that we helped plan!

Jake and Amelia

Photo Credit: Sophia Perlmutter ’18