Summer Service Fellows Pre-Orientation Work Project

This fall as athletes hit the fields and campus buzzed to life we got the amazing chance to work on and take part in an excellent QLSP pre-orientation! This year the focus of the QLSP pre-orientation included intentional work around better understanding the history and circumstances of Greensboro as well as taking part in trainings and service alongside the Bonner Center on and off campus. This played out in numerous ways, including an amazing tour led by James Shields downtown of all of the Bonner service sites, opportunities for growth and training, and visits to historic sites relating to Quakerism and justice work in Greensboro. At the culmination of the orientation, all of the students involved throughout the week participated in a day of service, focused on improving resources within in our food system. Working primarily on sites across campus students got to take a tour of the farm and be a part of the interconnected food system we have operating at Guilford.

The service day brought the Bonner and QLSP first years to the farm to enjoy some breakfast and then we were able to split our big group into several smaller tour groups to acclimate the students to hopefully a place they will get to see a lot more of in their four years to come. The tour showcased the three farm fields, the community garden, honey bees, a new chicken coop and even the beloved compost piles (plus so much more). Even being gone for just the two weeks in August, we were excited to see how the various crops have changed and how much is always happening on the farm!

After the tour, we were able to tackle the project of the Pines Garden and the raised bed by the Hut which were both in need of some loving after a summer of lots of non-organized growth if you catch our drift. This was a project that we were somewhat worried would be too big however, we couldn’t have asked for a better team and the willingness to get in there and get their hands dirty and finished the job in no time. It was so great to see these two groups join together through sweat, mud and lots of laughs. We’ve attached a short video of the day and we once again would like to thank Friends Center, Bonner Center and the Greensboro community for making every experience we’ve had this summer and beyond possible. Looking forward to Fall harvests and building community with the QLSP first years!

Signing off as 2017’s summer service fellows!

-Jake and Amelia