Deborah Shaw ’84 Retiring – A Fond Farewell

As some of you may have heard by now, Deborah Shaw, the Director of the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program and Assistant Director of the Friends Center, will be retiring after this semester. Deborah, her loving presence and hard work at Guilford College, working with every single QLSP student since the inception of the program, is synonymous with the program itself. It is hard to imagine QLSP without Deborah Shaw and yet I know that she is eager to see it continue to grow, change and pursue its goal of apprenticing young adults to the Quaker tradition. I personally am grateful for the ways she has helped my transition into my role in Friends Center. Her patience, institutional knowledge and care, willingness to offer prayers, hugs, and a quiet listening presence, not to mention her colleagueship have done so much to help sustain me in my early work here at Guilford. I know that there are many others feel the same way as well.

When Deborah, Guilford Class of 1984, retires, how will she be remembered, ever so fondly, for her 25 years in Friends Center?

It will be for:

  • Welcoming each QLSP student who ever entered the program, through 2017
  • Her loving presence with students and staff, through a litany of joys and sorrows, and counseling from a deep well
  • Sharing the value of QLSP’s unique and rigorous experience for Young Friends with Friends everywhere
  • Spiritually refreshing vocal and sung ministry at Friends gatherings
  • Leading retreats, especially for women
  • Leadership in multiple Friends organizations
  • Times as Friend in Residence at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, England
  • Sharing tea in her cozy office
  • Singing with the Lumina Choir

We lovingly celebrate Deborah for all these accomplishments in the spring of 2018, her final months of unmatched devotion and exceptional service to the College. We will miss her spiritual guidance, listening ears and heart, radical hospitality and commitment to each student as they travel their own path.

In the coming months, we are working to prepare QLSP for a transition in leadership as we search far and wide for a new director for the program and think about how to build on the legacy of those who have carried it this far.

With Deep Gratitude,

Wess Daniels – Director of Friends Center

P.S. Contributions to Friends Center really matter. Please consider supporting our ongoing work, perhaps in honor of Deborah! Here is a link to make contributions online. We are happy to accept gifts in non-digital forms as well. Checks should be made out to Guilford College, with Friends Center in the memo line and sent to Guilford College Advancement Office, 5800 W. Friendly Ave., Greensboro, NC  27410. Thank you!