Tidings from Friends: Issue No. 4

Tidings from Friends

The Weekly Newsletter of Guilford College Friends Center

Welcome to Tidings from Friends, the weekly newsletter published by Guilford College’s Friends Center. In this time where we are more disconnected than usual and trying to find ways to connect and support the campus, we offer this as a means of lifting up our campus community with a brief thought and other reflective pieces for you.

Each week this newsletter will contain a list of upcoming events, a selection of local and/or student artwork or poetry, some resources for navigating religious life on campus, and a “mindful moment.” This mindful moment might be a passage of scripture, a written meditation, a link to a video, or something else. If you are interested in submitting artwork, poetry, or a mindful moment, please contact perkinsja1@guilford.edu.

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This photo by Jacob Perkins, Fall 2019 on El Camino de Santiago

Mindful Moment

“We are not going to struggle to save places we don’t love, we can’t love places we don’t know, and we’ll never know places we haven’t learned.” 

 -Babbo Duen

I first came across Duen’s quote when I was learning about the concept of Watershed Discipleship. Watershed Discipleship is an approach to theology that keeps faith and practice rooted in the land, its history, and the ecosystems that make it up; it is a form of what theologian Ched Myers calls “bioregional spirituality.”

What Duen is saying is those who are committed to responding to the ecological devastation we face as a human family must seek to learn, commit to, and fall in love with the places we live. We need to allow the bioregions to shape our moral and theological imaginations, as well as our practice.

I often wonder – probably like you – what life will look like after the current crises we face. I find Duen’s remarks instructive in this regards. What do we want to last? What are the things we need and want in a world post-covid? Those are the things we need to be pouring our love and energy into right now. It may be all the energy we can muster but let’s save that which we love and truly love that which we set out to hold onto. Much will be lost but those places and people we commit to have the best change of surviving the current challenges.

You can learn about Watershed Discipleship here: https://watersheddiscipleship.org


– What are the places that you love? 

– Where do you invest your time and energy does it reflect that which you most want to save?

This Mindful Moment provided by: Wess Daniels

Upcoming Events

Wednesday10.7.20208:30 AMMeeting for Centering SilenceFriends Center
Wednesday10.7.20205:00 PMIntro to Prayerbook HebrewChavurah
Wednesday10.7.20206:30 PMFellowshipGuilford Christian Ministry
Wednesday10.7.20207:00 PMOPEN: The ConversationSt. Mary’s Episcopal
Monday10.12.20201:00 PMMeeting for Centering SilenceFriends Center
Tuesday10.11.20203:00 PMIntro to JudaismChavurah
Wednesday10.14.20208:30 AMMeeting for Centering SilenceFriends Center
Wednesday10.14.20206:30 PMFellowshipGuilford Christian Ministry
Wednesday10.14.20207:00 PMOPEN: The ConversationSt. Mary’s Episcopal
Tuesday10.27.20203:00 PMConnecting ConversationsFriends Center
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