Tidings from Friends: Issue No. 6

Tidings from Friends

The Weekly Newsletter of Guilford College Friends Center

Welcome to Tidings from Friends, the weekly newsletter published by Guilford College’s Friends Center. In this time where we are more disconnected than usual and trying to find ways to connect and support the campus, we offer this as a means of lifting up our campus community with a brief thought and other reflective pieces for you.

Each week this newsletter will contain a list of upcoming events, a selection of local and/or student artwork or poetry, some resources for navigating religious life on campus, and a “mindful moment.” This mindful moment might be a passage of scripture, a written meditation, a link to a video, or something else. If you are interested in submitting artwork, poetry, or a mindful moment, please contact perkinsja1@guilford.edu.

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This artwork by Madison Cross Sugg

Mindful Moment

Excerpt from The Blue Cat of Castle Town

 -Catherine Cate Coblentz

Sing your own song, said the river
Sing, sing your own song
Out of yesterday song comes
It goes into tomorrow,
Sing your own song.

With your life fashion beauty,
This too is the song.
Riches will pass and power,
But beauty remains.
Sing your own song.

All that is worth doing,
Do well, the river said.
Sing, sing your own song
Certain and round be the measure
Every line graceful and true.

Time is the mold, the weaver, carver,
Time and the workman together,
Sing your own song well,
Sing well, the river said,
Sing your own song well.


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– Howard Thurman


What song makes you come alive?

This Mindful Moment provided by: Rev. Kevin Matthews. You can hear more from Kevin Matthews in Connecting Conversations on October 27

Upcoming Events

Wednesday10.21.20208:30 AMMeeting for Centering SilenceFriends Center
Wednesday10.21.20206:30 PMFellowship: What’s your story?Guilford Christian Ministry
Wednesday10.21.20207:00 PMOPEN: The Conversation: Christianity and the LGBTQ+ CommunitySt. Mary’s Episcopal
Monday10.26.20201:00 PMMeeting for Centering SilenceFriends Center
Monday10.26.20202:00-3:00 PMCoffee with Wess at Rachel’s Rose Cottage PatioFriends Center
Tuesday10.27.20203:00 PMConnecting ConversationsFriends Center
Wednesday10.28.20208:30 AMMeeting for Centering SilenceFriends Center
Wednesday10.28.20206:30 PMFellowship: What’s your story?Guilford Christian Ministry
Wednesday10.28.20207:00 PMOPEN: The ConversationSt. Mary’s Episcopal
Wednesday and Friday10.28.2020 10.30.2020TBAMezuzah MakingChavurah
To find more information about these events, please click on the event. This will direct you to the event registration if required, or directly to a zoom link. If you notice events missing here, please let us know.
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To find information about the Interfaith Leadership Council, faith leaders who work with students on campus, or to see a full calendar of all campus faith-related events, visit our Multifaith page.

The Friends Center Prayer Room is available to students of all faiths and spiritual journeys. Ideal for prayer, meditation, or reflection, we encourage folks to make use of this space. See our flyer for more information.

To contact Friends Center Director, email danielscw@guilford.edu.

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About Friends Center:

Friends Center is a collaborative project between the Religious Society of Friends and Guilford College. Friends Center is responsible for nurturing Quaker life and renewal on campus, building and sustaining interfaith cooperation on campus, and building relationships with the global Quaker community. To read more about Friends Center, visit the homepage of our website.