Tidings from Friends: Issue No. 23

Tidings from Friends

The Weekly Newsletter of Guilford College Friends Center

Welcome to Tidings from Friends, the weekly newsletter published by Guilford College’s Friends Center. In this time where we are more disconnected than usual and trying to find ways to connect and support the campus, we offer this as a means of lifting up our campus community with a brief thought and other reflective pieces for you.

Each week this newsletter will contain a list of upcoming events, a selection of local and/or student artwork or poetry, some resources for navigating religious life on campus, and a “mindful moment.” This mindful moment might be a passage of scripture, a written meditation, a link to a video, or something else. If you are interested in submitting artwork, poetry, or a mindful moment, please contact perkinsja1@guilford.edu.

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This photo by Jacob Perkins

Mindful Moment: “Walking Outside” by Thich Nhat Hanh

“When we open the door and go out into the fresh air, we can be immediately in touch with the air and the Earth and all the elements around us. When we walk, we know we’re not stepping on something inanimate. The ground we’re walking on is not inert matter. Understanding the Earth in this way, we can walk on the planet with as much respect and reverence as we would walk when in a house of worship or in any sacred space. We can bring our full awareness to each step. Steps like these have the power to save our lives.”

As we transition into spring, spending time outdoors becomes more accessible for more people. Doing something as simple as spending some time outside daily can have a positive impact on us; physically, mentally, spiritually. Many of us are separated physically from the communities we were/are part of prior to the pandemic. For some, it may be useful to approach the Earth itself as a sacred space. For me, it has been useful to recognize my existence as part of a larger, more complex ecosystem and community with the rest of the Earth – beyond just humanity or even what we consider to be “living” things. The query: What communities do you miss or have you been separated from? Can you approach the outdoors in a way to ease this pain? How can we move forward with a better understanding of the Earth and our relationship with it?

This Mindful Moment provided by Jacob Perkins

Upcoming Events

Wednesday3.17.20215:00 PMGCM Weekly Fellowship on Founders Hall LawnGuilford Christian Ministry
Friday3.19.20211:00 PMMeeting for Centering Silence (open to all)Friends Center
Monday3.22.20211:00 PMMeeting for Centering Silence (student focus)Friends Center
Monday3.22.20212:00 – 2:30 PMCommunity Memorial and Time of Silence (on the Quad, with masks and social distancing)Friends Center
Tuesday3.23.20217:00 PMThe Way of Love: Lenten Series (read more below)St. Mary’s House
Wednesday3.24.20218:30 AMMeeting for Centering Silence (staff/faculty focus)Friends Center
Wednesday3.24.20217:24 PMGCM Weekly FellowshipGuilford Christian Ministry
Wednesday3.31.20211:00 PMConnecting Conversations with Dr. Jill PeterfesoFriends Center
To find more information about these events, please click on the event. This will direct you to the event registration if required, or directly to a zoom link. If you notice events missing here, please let us know.
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The Way of Love Lenten Series: Join us for “The Way of Love,” our presentation and discussion online series following the Way of Love at 7:00pm weekly on Tuesdays. We’ll have some prayer, some discussion, and ideas for reflection on what it means to be committed to a holy life. No shaving of heads, wearing funny clothes, or chanting required (but you can if you want to!). You can still have chocolate. All are joyfully welcomed as you are. Join us on Zoom. https://zoom.us/j/7768363985

For the safety of our students, a registration is required for this virtual event: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4OJFROR7H7b7dwlDTx-ffPDrvwcwno9HxTfoJLDGkpSHDBA/viewform


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Friends Center is a collaborative project between the Religious Society of Friends and Guilford College. Friends Center is responsible for nurturing Quaker life and renewal on campus, building and sustaining interfaith cooperation on campus, and building relationships with the global Quaker community. To read more about Friends Center, visit the homepage of our website.