Friends Center’s Work Today

Friends Center at Guilford College centers spiritual, educational and practical knowledge and transformation as it pertains to living out the Quaker tradition in today’s context. For more than two centuries, Quakers in the New Garden area have sought to embody a deeply spiritually rooted call to worship, social justice, vocational work, and community building. During this time, Quakers have often been led into social justice work but have not always centered the lives and experiences of those who were not white Quakers. We have been slow to integrate and diversify and include, for example, people of color and LGBTQ+ people into our communities and leadership. Today our leading moves us toward decentering whiteness within the Quaker tradition, as well as working intersectionally as spiritually grounded people across all areas of oppression on campus and in the world beyond.

Approved February 28, 2017 by Friends Center Staff

More about The Friends Center at Guilford College

Friends Center at Guilford College is a collaborative endeavor of the school and the Religious Society of Friends. Its mission is to provide programs that nurture servant-leaders both at Guilford College and in the wider community through activities that are grounded in prayer, informed by Friends’ faith and practice, nourished by worship and spiritual formation and brought to fullness in Quaker community.

The Quaker Life Committee of the Guilford College Board of Trustees oversees Friends Center. Programs are made possible by the generous financial support of many individuals, Friends meetings, United Society of Friends Women circles, grants and Guilford College. Contributions to Friends Center are an important investment in the future of the Religious Society of Friends and the spiritual vitality of Guilford College.

You can learn more about the Friend Center at Guilford College here.

Quaker Leadership Scholars Program

Since Friends Center developed the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program (QSLP) in 1992, more than 150 students have been a part of the program. Spiritual growth, academic study, mentoring and exposure to campus visitors from the worldwide family of Friends help prepare Quaker Leadership Scholars to be of significant service to the Religious Society of Friends.

You can read more about the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program here.

Interfaith Center for Spirituality and Religious Life

Currently Friends Center is in the process of re-envisioning campus ministry to address the growing needs and diversity of Guilford College. This re-envisioning starts with three big changes in the fall of 2017, we’ve applied for an Interfaith strategic planning grant from the Interfaith Youth Core, we are in the process of hiring our first “Interfaith Community Coordinator,” and we have a chaplain intern from Wake Forest who is Buddhist who will be joining us next year.

Edited May 25, 2017