Update on Jessica Piekielek, 1998 QLSP Graduate

Jessica graduated in 1998 as an Honors Scholar from Guilford College and the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program.  She had a double major in Sociology/Anthropology and Spanish.  Jessica was able to study abroad two semesters during her time at Guilford, once in Guadalajara and once in Ecuador.

After graduation Jessica worked for the Friends Committee for National Legislation from 1999-2000 with Susan Mers ‘97 QLSP graduate.  In the fall of 2001Jessica began graduate work at the University of Arizona in Tucson for a MA/PhD in Anthropology which she completed in 2009.

In March 2009 she married Sean Sullivan and in March 2010 Finnian Evers Sullivan was born to the happy couple!  Jessica has served on the Executive Committee of the Friends Association for Higher Education from 2009-2011, during which time she was working at Millsaps College in Jackson MS.  In the fall of 2011 Jessica and her family moved to Medford OR where she currently teaches at Southern OR University. Jessica, Sean and Finnian enjoy rock climbing as a family!

Deborah Shaw was delighted that Jessica was able to serve as her elder as she led a retreat on early Quaker Women at the Quaker Center at Ben Lomond CA.