Reassessing George Fox: 350+ Years of Quakers in North Carolina

We hope you will join for a day of workshops exploring the history of Quakers in North Carolina on the 350th anniversary of George Fox’s documented 1672 visit on Thursday, October 13th. Guilford faculty and staff will lead workshops looking at the cultural/economic context, colonization, early Quaker settlements, and land history in NC as well as reassessing Fox’s visit and views. We will share more about the workshops in the months to come.

The evening Keynote address will be delivered at 7pm by Dr. Noeleen McIlvenna, Professor of History at Wright State University and author of A Very Mutinous People: The Struggle for North Carolina, 1660-1713.The plenary event will be open to all.

This event is sponsored by the Friends Center, Quaker Archives, and the Curry-Coffin Commission.

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Watch this video interview with Quaker Archivist, Gwen Gosney Erickson on Fox8 News speaking on the 350th anniversary of George Fox and Quakers in North Carolina.

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Learn more about our Keynote Speaker and Guest, Dr. Noeleen McIlvenna:

Dr. Noeleen McIlvenna is a history professor at Wright State University. She grew up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and has lived in the US for most of her adult life. Her Ph.D. studies at Duke University (including research in the archives at Guilford College) led to the publication of her 2009 book, A Very Mutinous People: The Struggle for North Carolina, 1660–1713. Her second book, the Short Life of Free Georgia: Class and Slavery in the Colonial South, was published in 2015. Her most recent book is Early American Rebels: Pursuing Democracy from Maryland to Carolina, published by UNC Press in 2020.

“Dr. No,” as students call her, specializes in early American history and teaches a range of courses covering colonial America, the American Revolution, and American Indian history. History students have voted her the department’s Outstanding Faculty Member three times since 2008. She won the College Outstanding Teacher award for 2017–18 and the College Outstanding Service Award for 2020–21. Dr No is currently researching a new book about the colonial economy. 

A short video on Dr. No’s work at Wright State University.