Guest Lectures

Fall 2019

Judith Weller-Harvey Quaker Scholar

Dr. Harold Weaver

An African American Quaker Scholar-Activist Confronts Unbearable Truths

Oct 1, 2019 – Carnegie Room

Dr. Harold (Hal) D. Weaver is an Associate at Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, and the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies. Hal spent his earliest days on a small Black college campus in Savannah, GA, later moving to Pennsylvania and attending Westtown School and Haverford College. From his early experience in Communist Moscow as a member of an official USSR-USA young adult exchange group, Hal has been a lifelong cultural ambassador. He has traveled the world breaking down barriers and building bridges between cultures, often using film as the medium through The BlackFilm Project and the China-Africa-Russia Project. A pioneer in Africana studies, he founded and chaired the Africana Studies Department at Rutgers. Last fall, Hal continued his mission to correct Cold War historiography by delivering lectures in Moscow, the UK, and Istanbul, on Paul Robeson, African decolonization, African students in the USSR, and his own transnational experiences in cultural diplomacy.

Hal continues to break down barriers within the Religious Society of Friends, too, with his ministry, The BlackQuaker Project, one of the fruits of which was the publication of Black Fire: African-American Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights (2011), which Hal edited with Paul Kriese and Stephen W. Angell. A member of Wellesley Friends Meeting, Hal is active locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally among Quakers. He has served in governance roles with the Quaker United Nations Office, the American Friends Service Committee, Pendle Hill, Cambridge Friends School, and the Friends World Committee for Consultation. For more information click here.

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Spring 2019 Guests

Judith Weller-Harvey Quaker Scholar(s)

Dr. Krishauna Haines-Gaither and Gwen Gosney Erickson

Complicating Legacies: Slavery, Equity, & Inclusion on a Southern Quaker Campus

April 1, 2019 – Carnegie Room

Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither is the Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Guilford College. She joined the Guilford community in 2017. Her research focuses on the intersections of race, class and gender throughout the African diaspora. Krishauna has published on African descendants in Latin America, Francophone communities and the United States.

Gwen Gosney Erickson, Quaker Librarian and College Archivist at Guilford College, has served in her current (but ever evolving) position at Guilford College since 2000. Her own scholarly research interests focus on the intersections of Quaker Studies, African American history, Gender Studies, and U.S. social justice movements. She has a passion for sharing resources and connecting people to history through access to primary sources that deepen our understanding of the human experience.

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JM Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor

Ashely Wilcox

Quakers and the Prophetic Tradition

April 4, 2019 – Founders West Gallery

Ashley is this year’s JM Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor. Ashley M. Wilcox is a recorded Quaker minister and founder of Church of Mary Magdalene. She is a graduate of Candler School of Theology and Willamette University College of Law. Before going to seminary, Ashley worked for appellate courts in Washington and Oregon, and she continues to work bi‐vocationally doing legal work in addition to ministry. Ashley’s writing has been published in Friends Journal, Western Friend, and four Quaker anthologies. She is currently working on a book for feminist preachers. Ashley has led workshops at the World Conference of Friends, the FGC Gathering, and the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference, as well as churches, meetings, and yearly meetings. Ashley was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her partner Troy and their two orange cats. Learn more about Ashley on her website, Download Audio File


2018 Guests

Amanda Kemp

Spring 2018

Judith Weller Harvey Distinguished Quaker Scholar.

During the visit, Amanda gave a speech about: How to Have a Difficult Conversation about Racism without Losing Your Voice or Your Cool.

Kody Hersh

Spring 2018

JM Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor.

Kody presented, “Tea-Time in the Apocalypse: Spiritual Grounding in a World of Chaos.”

2017 Guests

Zachary Moon

Spring 2018

Judith Weller Harvey Quaker Scholar.

2016 Guests

Vanessa Julye

Fall 2016

J.M. Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor

Her presentation was titled “Some of our struggles with power and privilege demonstrated through the impact of Racism in the Religious Society of Friends.”

Michele Lise Tarter

Winter 2016

Judith Weller Harvey Distinguished Quaker Scholar

Michele Lise Tarter presented on “Life Sentences: Writing with Wise women Behind Bars”

2015 Guests

Ben Pink Dandelion

Fall 2015

J.M Ward Distinguised Quaker Visitor

Ben Presented on “Being Quaker, Being Transformed.”

2014 Guests

David Johns

Winter 2014

Judith Weller Harvey Distinguished Quaker Scholar.

Widley published scholar in theological studies and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Union College.

2013 Guests

Carole Spencer

Fall 2013

J.M. Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor

Spencer presented on Hannah Whitall Smith’s Highway of Holiness: Mysticism, Heresy and Feminism in a Quaker “free lance”

Thomas Hamm

Spring 2013

Spring Judith Weller Harvey Distinguished Quaker Scholar

“Mary Mendenhall Hobbs and New Garden Boarding School at 175”

2012 Guests

2011 Guests

Alexander Levering

Winter 2011

Judith Weller Harvey Distinguished Quaker Scholar.

“Life after Guilford: Adventures in Quakerism, Activism, and Family Life.”

Rebecca Grunko

Winter 2011

Judith Weller Harvey Distinguished Quaker Scholar.

“Life after Guilford: Adventures in Quakerism, Activism, and Family Life.”

Since graduation from guilford Alex and Becca have began a family and traveled abroad doing Quaker, ecumenical, and interfaith peace building efforts.

2010 Guests

Catherine Whitmire

Fall 2010

J.M. Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor.

She came to Guilford and talked about how she shares her life work among Friends.

Guilford Parent and author of Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity and Practicing Peace: A Devotional Walk through the Quaker Tradition.

Thomas Ewell

Fall 2010

J.M. Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor.

He came to Guilford and talked about how he shares his life work among Friends.

He has served among Friends in New England Yearly Meeting and in ecumenical and justice work with the Council of Churches.

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