Quaker Studies Minor

The Quaker Studies Minor is a program within the Department of Religious Studies and is open to all Guilford College Students. The goal of the minor focuses on preparing the student to be conversant with Quaker studies, the sociology of religion, and specific areas that are pertinent to the student’s interest and passion and connect those to the larger context of Quakerism.

  1. REL 110 Quakerism – 4 credits
  2. Students must take any other 4-credit course from the following list:
    • Upper level Quaker Studies class (spirituality, classics, theology, etc).
    • PECS 330 Nonviolence Theories and Practice
    • HIST 308 The Underground Railroad
    • AFAM/HIST 225 African American History
    • HIST 315 The Civil Rights Movement
    • REL 120/ENGL 228 American Nature Writing
    • REL 230: Comparative Religious Ethics
    • REL 222: Feminist Theology or other upper level REL course
    • PHIL 231, 232, 262: Upper Level Philosophy Course relating to Ethics, Race, Gender, Sexuality, etc.
    • HIST 236: Reformation:: Luther to Fox
    • REL 234: AfAm Religion and Theology
    • Similar PECS (or PHIL) course or others subject to the approval of the Quaker studies minor coordinator.
  3. Students must take the new 4-credit course REL 295: Religious Studies Methods and Theories.
  4. REL 465 Theories and Methods of Quaker Studies Quaker Faith & Practice / With Independent Study – 4 credits

Total 16 Credits

Contact Wess Daniels for more information – danielscw@guilford.edu

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