Self-Care Practices

The Friends Center staff have put together a list of resources to support you in taking care of yourself during this time. 

We are all facing extra stress with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shifts in Guilford’s schedule.  Self-Care practices that address our whole selves are particularly important during this time. Below is a list of resources provided by Friends Center, to support you in taking care of yourself

If you would like to speak with someone for virtual pastoral care or spiritual direction, Friends Center Staff are available and happy to assist: please email Wess Daniels, Director of the Friends Center at, or call 336-316-2445 to set up a time with one of the college’s chaplains. 

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  • Practice silent or guided meditations 
    • Insight Timer can be found online or downloaded as an app.  It provides the largest selection of FREE mediations. If you want more there is a paid subscription.
    • Oak Meditation and Breathing App is a totally free mediation app.  Unfortunately is currently only available for ios
    • Calm App also provides free mediations and a paid subscription option
    • There are also plenty of meditation resources on the web you can use
  • Walk a finger labyrinth.  Trace the path with your finger or a pen on either a printed labyrinth or a virtual one.  The Labyrinth Society provides printable and virtual options to try. 


  • Stretch!
  • 30 Minute Yoga with NC based yoga teacher, Jessamyn Stanley
  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water



  • Complete coloring pages (use what you have, no colored pencils required)
  • Teach yourself a craft using items you have at home
    • Make a coaster or, if you’re feeling ambitious, a bedroll for people experiencing homelessness out of plastic bags around your space 
    • This tutorial does not require any special materials (like a crochet hook)
  • Rubix cube, puzzles, and more


  • Engage in spiritual practices from your faith tradition.  For example intercessory prayer, reading sacred texts, walking meditation, etc.
  • Try a new spiritual practice.  This website provides many ideas for possible spiritual practices.
  • Check out Friends Center’s “Daily Spiritual Practice Videos” on YouTube, starting the week of March 23rd!  Look for them on this website and in the Buzz for the first video. 
  • Talk with Guilford’s Multifaith Chaplain to virtually explore various spiritual practices that might work for you.  Email:
Photo by from Pexels


As you engage in these activities, if you do so on your phone/mobile devices, be sure to clean them frequently (using alcohol-based lens cleaning wipes) and do not share your devices with others.

Please let Friends Center staff know if you have any questions or feedback for us with these practices: Wess