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Understanding the Quaker Tradition at Guilford College

In this introductory workshop, we discuss some of the background to the Quaker Tradition, some of the history of New Garden and Guilford College, and some of the key aspects of Quaker education.

Understanding the Quaker Tradition at Guilford College

Clearness and Care Committees

Clearness and Care Committees are practices from the Quaker tradition that support a “focused person” in the process of discernment and journeying through difficult moments of one’s life. The tools from within these practices are useful for working with and supporting students and peers on campus.

Clearness and Care Committees

The Practice of Quaker Clerking

Learn more about how role of Clerk is an essential part of Quaker decision-making.

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Guilford / Quaker Glossary

Ever wonder what a word is or hear something you’re sure is “Quaker Speak” or Jargon in the manner of Friends? Click here to find out the meaning behind these words.

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Teaching and Learning Strategies

Understanding Contemplative Pedagogies

What is contemplative pedagogy, why use it and how? In this workshop we walk faculty and staff through a process of understanding how to use more contemplative approaches in their own lives, work, and classroom setting.

Contemplative Pedagogy Website

Using Progressive Summarization in the Classroom

In this workshop, you will learn how to use the technique known as “Progressive Summarization” for creating reading notes. This method maximizes organization and “glanceability” of notes, optimizing your time for reasearch and retrievel. It also allows for a more stress-free approach to learning, relieving the researcher of having to remember everything.

Using Progressive Summarization

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Guilford College Core Values, Core Stories and Principles

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Practicing Quaker Decision-Making

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Enneagram and Leadership

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