Centering Silence & Worship

Guilford College Meetings for Centering Silence

Friends Center Staff hosts weekly opportunities for “Centering Silence” virtually. These are quiet, meditative meetings held in the manner of Friends (silence) but without the expectation that members in the meeting are Quaker or religious. These are meetings we hold each week on campus and are now holding them online with a diversity of campus members represented. This is a meeting welcome to all members of the Guilford College Community. Follow the links below to join these sessions.

  • Mondays – 1:30-2:00 PM @ Friends Center
  • Wednesdays – 8:30-9:00 AM @ Zoom (also announced in the buzz)

Coffee and Conversation with The Director of the Friends Center

This is just an informal opportunity for conversation with students, staff, and faculty. Share what’s on your mind – things that are heavy and serious or whatever you’d like. Wess will work around your schedule. Reach out to schedule a time with Wess:

Opportunities for Meetings for Worship With Quaker Partners

Please check with each group to find out if they are meeting in person or virtually first.

Friendship Friends Meeting

Location: Greensboro, NC across from College
Quaker Tradition: Unprogrammed, Conservative Quakers

Zoom Meeting – 10:30am

New Garden Friends Meeting

Location: Greensboro (across from the college)
Quaker tradition: Semi-Programmed
Semi-Programmed Meeting – 11-12 pm

First Friends Meeting

Location: Greensboro, NC
Programmed Meeting, which also hosts unprogrammed worship
Unprogrammed Meeting – 9-10 am
Programmed Meeting – 11-12 pm